Only a combination of education, practice, failure, and analysis will answer your questions. Come collaborate, experiment, challenge yourself, and have fun with a like minded group of riggers.

Who is this for?


You’ll be training at Smith Rock State Park and other locations as desired by the collective goals of the class.  You’ll be housed in comfortable full amenity group housing at Eagle Crest Resort (hot tubs, pools, golf, hiking, horseback riding etc… if you can find the time!).  Lunch at the training site and dinner will be provided at no cost throughout the week. This is an all inclusive experience designed to boost collaboration and limit logistical distractions!


Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • Shared tension systems

  • Variants of tension and edge transitions

  • Artificial high directionals and countless configurations

  • Offsets, deflections, and other options for elevating or moving a load off the fall line

  • Lightweight and midweight gear

  • Small team tactics

  • Access to new to market gear!




  • Payment in full required at registration:

  • $1600 (tuition, Sun PM to Sat AM lodging, lunch and dinner M-F, ground transportation during class)

If you’re an active Rigging Lab Academy member,  make sure you grab your coupon code to save $100 on the registration fee. 


The 5 Day Advance Live Workshop is a “thinkers lab” for riggers that want to experience and practice ideas beyond the common and repetitive basics. Class will be collaborative, experimental, challenging, and fun! Our goal is that you leave with greater skills, an open mind, and a new found feeling of being part of a larger like-minded rigging and rescue community.

This class is for rescuers who have some time in the job and are ready to practice and evaluate new concepts to bring back to your team while building greater personal skill. It’s expected that students are comfortable in the fundamentals of rope rescue and have safe personal rope skills allowing them to move on rope and safely work at height. Students are expected to know basic lower and belay techniques, mechanical advantage, anchor building, some form of litter rigging and attending, ascending and descending rope, and be able to logically articulate and apply basic force analysis in rope system design.