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Get the most out of your training investment from an experienced team of active operators. Our industry experts strive to teach and use the most current, effective, peer-reviewed,

and tested techniques.

We offer seminars, specific skill clinics, and full NFPA compliant courses.  Ask us about achieving International Technical Rescue Association Certification as well.

.. and we have fun doing it!



We are available to help with training program development, SOPs, incident analysis, risk management, and more.

Need help with training, exercise design, and evaluation?  We can do that too.

Leverage our experience for your benefit.



We exist for you and them.  We can facilitate contact with any of them if you have questions.  Our clients become family and friends.  Building a better community of professionals makes us all stronger. We have their back, they have ours. 

*for security reasons not all clients are listed.


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“It was the best law enforcement class I’ve had in my 26 year career.”

Deputy Commander Troop F, NC State Highway Patrol

“The instructors not only presented a lot of material to the class but welcomed feed back from the class. Very professional in their conduct of the class and obviously they are experts in the field.”


Founded in 2012 and now located in Mancos, CO, The Crackerjack Group LLC is a collective of the highest quality trainers in rescue, safety, and emergency response.  Our instructors come from paid and volunteer careers in Technical Rescue, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, EMS, and Military Service.  

Our team has trained around the world and worked in some of the most remote and austere environments imaginable.  


We have a history of results and exceptionally positive reviews.  Our involvement with a team is 100% committed.  We will not stop until they see and feel the change they desire.



We have a vast cadre of staff and rely on subject matter experts who understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We work with the customer to make a custom plan for lasting success.



We’ve done it.  We didn’t read it in a book or just go to a three day train-the-trainer course.  We know what works, why it works, and how to teach it because we’ve actually done it.


Humility and Humor.

In an industry crowded with self-identified “Type A” personalities and instructors who waste time rehashing war stories, our cadre is humble and recognizes learning is superior when approached collaboratively with the student.  We blend best practices from multiple sectors and schools to arrive at the most appropriate solution for each situation.



We will produce a better product and experience by constantly learning ourselves and adapting to new methods, research, and best practices.


6554 Rd 41

Mancos, CO 81328

Tel: 503.519.4312

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