Classes in Utah are now a reality!

Thanks to the crew at The Weber State Outdoor Adventure Center and Outdoor Program for partnering with us to open up their brand new facility for an exciting series of classes. We also owe thanks to Rock Exotica for connecting the dots and making this happen. Partnerships make all of our work possible.

Join us March 15-19 for our first course here at a discounted intro rate of only $995 for 5 days of intense discussion, collaboration, and idea sharing around topics beyond the usual Tech Rescue course. This class will push on advanced applications of the Arizona Vortex, question the conventional wisdom of traditional belay and shared tension systems, explore the reasonable application of redundancy, provide tools for difficult edge transitions, and explore up to date concepts in tension line system rigging and operations. This class is for instructors and practitioners!

The Moab Fundamentals class was exactly what we hoped for and will happen again. We can run this course any time for any group size from 5-12 students.. just ask! We covered the basics (and more advanced) of anchoring in difficult environments, ascending and descending on real rock with real challenges, nasty-nasty edge transitions, team movement in terrain of consequence, and full rescue system operations. If most of your training has been indoors or on fixed structures you NEED to get out to a class like this.

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