The Crackerjack and Ronin teams have come to the necessary but unfortunate decision to postpone our joint ventured Rescuing the Rescuer Series until 2021.  This impacts BOTH the Orlando and Long Beach courses. The impacts of COVID are proving too difficult to produce classes of this scope.  These classes are a team effort and travel and border restrictions are problematic.

1) The Ronin crew hails from the great white (and somewhat less infected) North and they would be required to quarantine for 14 days upon returning from the US if they are able to travel at all. 

2) This type of class involves complex group exercises and frequent close contact between participants and we don't believe we can provide the quality experience we've promised while maintaining the recommended groups of less than 10, 6 foot distancing, and frequent gear decon and quarantine.

3) Some students are being restricted by employers and our classes are located in real (or perceived) hotspots.  Additionally some of our venues are hesitant to host us at this time.

4) Given all of the above we don't believe we can produce the quality event you deserve, and we demand of ourselves for such a unique course.

Please know this was not an easy decision and not one we took lightly.  We have invested a lot of time and money into the prep of these courses and want nothing more than to push forward and make it happen.  We regret any inconvenience we have caused you and hope you can hang on and join us when conditions allow.  

Refunds in full will be provided on request.  These are tough times and we hope you'll be with us in 2021 but if you need the money back we are duty bound to make sure you get it.  Contact for any refunds, partial refunds, course registrations for other courses, etc.)

New Dates - we are going to work with the hosts and venues to get new dates to you in the next 6-10 days.  I expect those dates to fall after May of 2021 (we have to be sure we can get on the other side of this mess)

Both Ronin and Crackerjack are adapting our training models and are holding off on large open enrollment courses but continue to train in smaller groups, in courses where separation is possible, and in contract courses.   Our small diameter course in Moab this fall will be modified for the conditions and will continue.  Ronin continues to do SPRAT and other courses and we are all available to come to you for agency specific contract courses. 

Ronin Courses: (lots of SPRAT and NFPA options, top tier custom courses too)

Crackerjack: (scaled back but space still available in Moab (Lightweight with Ronin), Vortex 1-2-3 with Vector Rescue in CT)   

We can also do the Rescuing the Rescuer course differently as an agency specific contract course.  In that format we can produce the course for a smaller group and better manage COVID protocols as your agency sees fit. This option also reduces student risk/travel.  Please contact us if that interests you.

In the meantime we will continue to work on more scenario development and testing to bring you the best education and experience possible.  

Thank you for your understanding.  As well, thanks for our sponsors, partners and supporters at Orlando Fire, Long Beach Fire, CMC, Rock Exotica, Sterling Rope, CAMP Safety, Petzl, and others.

Sincere thanks,

The Crackerjack Group

Ronin Rescue and Safety

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