Game changer or not? The CMC/Harken Clutch is real!

The Clutch

Last night our friends at Ronin Rescue posted this photo taken at #GRIMP NA. There have been guarded rumors and reported sightings of the new CMC Clutch by Harken but everyone was really tight lipped.. and well, there still isn't a lot of info.

What rumors?

It's going to completely replace the 11mm MPD!

It'll be cheaper than the MPD, about the same as an ID!

It'll be like the ID but with the efficiency of an MPD!

Honestly, with so little info and just a picture we don't have all the answers but we can surmise a few things from the photo. Also, we should have one in our hands soon with @RiggingLabAcademy to test out.

1) With the long pull handle this is designed to be used as a descender/work positioning device. Will it have a panic stop?

2) The 22kN forward facing becket says this is also designed to function as a DCD and progress capture pulley in a rescue system. There is no other reason for a becket that strong.

3) Because Harken was involved that pulley is going to be SUPER efficient and possibly even variably efficient with changing resistance. THIS is what Harken does and I imaging they did it well. The little x2 switch on the front points in that direction as well.

4) Because it centers on a pulley sheave, the rope diameter acceptance is going to be limited and because of the move by most manufacturers towards the rope access market 11mm is a good guess.

We're excited to see it and know there is more new gear coming from other manufacturers. The #Petzl Maestro has been in the works and it can't be far off... and who else is jumping in the mix? The market is huge now that practices are mixing between, rescue, industry, access, etc. The market for a better rescue capable DCD is huge and it will be competitive.

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