Lightweight Rescue - Moab May 10-14 2021

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Back by popular demand! This collaboration with Ronin Rescue is a guided exploration in using skinny rope, lightweight components, and all while accomplishing real rescue tasks. Reeving lines, deflections, multi-pitch, bad edges.. it's all there at fantastic sites in Moab.

Come get the download on our latest research and testing on 8mm rope systems and learn just how much can be safely done with skinny ropes if you engineer properly and understand the forces at play. If you operate in the backcountry and want to shove your entire rescue system in a backpack this course if for you. Search and Rescue, Wildland Fire, Law Enforcement, Rangers.. what are your needs and are they being met with current practices and gear?

Join us. $1350 - only 12 spots! Registration opens online Nov. 11.


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