SCIENCE! Do parallel hauls amplify mechanical advantage?

Today we're going to bust this myth that parallel mechanical advantage systems somehow add together and double mechanical advantage. There are arguments out there that two 3:1s side by side pulled on the same load are a 6:1, or two 5:1s are a 10:1. It's not true, and we're going to break it down really simply. #mythbusting#riggingrescuesystems #knowledgeisfreedom #roperescuesystems#riggingandrescue #highanglerescue #verticalrescuesolutions#roperescue The Crackerjack Group

Parallel 3:1 MA with Petzl Rollclip and Rescucender


Parallel Hauls, Doubled Mechanical Advantage or Not? | Rigging Lab Academy

To be totally clear on all of this, we can throw all the stuff out the window now, parallel 3:1s, ganged 3:1s, parallel hauls, no matter what you do, you're not doubling your mechanical advantage. You're just halving the force on each rope, halving the amount of pull you have to have on each rope. You still have to put in the same amount of work to get the job done. You're just deciding on what rope you put it on.

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