Transitioning to shared tension -Free Webinar

Hey Rigging Friends,

It was fantastic to meet so many of you during the intro session. I look forward to seeing you again and if you didn’t make the intro no worries.  

In the intro, I covered reasons why to adopt a shared tension system and heard from a lot of teams that are either in transition or considering the transition... Let’s help you do that and advance your team forward to a new era.

-->> As with any change, implementation is the key. Let’s show you how to gain all the benefits of shared tension and manage the challenges that come with the change.

Well talk about:




...and the ever problematic gremlin of edge transitions!

The most likely place to get someone hurt is at the edge.  If you are using shared tension at the edge and not making proper modifications, you’re taking chances you don’t need to take and risking injuries none of us want to see.

Rigging Lab Academy is continuing with a few short sessions over the next week. Session 2 is starting next Tuesday the 5th at 9:00AM and 12:00 Noon Pacific Standard Time. 

Grab a cup of coffee and join us.  We’ll be taking live questions too. If you're not using twin tension or hesitant to make the change you should sign up here and pick a time next Tuesday that works best for you.

Register For The Live Webinar! 

Be Safe, Train Hard, Craig

PS. Don’t worry if you cannot attend on Tuesday… Register anyway and we will post the replay for a few days… 

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