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Below is a list of our standard courses.  We can expand, combine, or customize anything you see listed.  We can teach a set curriculum (such as an ITRA Technician course), a seminar (team directed learning based on concepts and team needs), or a clinic (reviews and practice of specific skills such as dual tension, high directionals, snow anchors, etc.)  Please contact us with any questions.  Open enrollment courses will be posted soon and as demand requires.

Advanced Wilderness Rigging - Auburn CA May 25-29 - Space Available

Lightweight Rescue Workshop with Ronin Rescue - Moab, UT

Sept 28-Oct 2  Now open!

Upcoming Courses
Advanced Wilderness Rigging
Diamond Springs
ITRA Level 2/3 (Technician) Course and Assessment - No Cost RSVP
Rescuing the Rescuer with Ronin Rescue - NEW DATES
Long Beach
ITRA L1/L2 Course and Assessment - Singing Rock Polygon - Klondo, Czech
Lightweight Rescue Workshop
Advanced Rigging and Rescue Workshop
Total Fire Solutions

Technical Ropes I - Awareness (NFPA and ITRA)

Technical Ropes II - Operations (NFPA and ITRA)

Technical Ropes III - Technician (NFPA and ITRA)

Technical Rescue Safety and Physics

High Directionals and Offsets

Lightweight Wilderness Rescue


Intro to Mountain Rescue

Wilderness Alpine SAR Operations

Advanced Alpine SAR Operations

Partner and Self Rescue