Twin Tension Transition Workshop

TTRS Transition Workshop 2-3 Days depending on scope and need

Deciding to transition from Single Main/Single Belay to a method of Shared Tension should not be taken lightly and should be made with thought, testing, and evaluation.

There is no one size fits all solution and how you make the transition will depend on acceptance and balance of risks, current equipment, mission profile, training and experience, and practice.  Gear racks, training programs, site setup, edge transitions, and many other things will need to fall in line.

Let us help you over the rough spots and put your team back in action with an updated methodology.

The workshop can include:

Gear demos and evaluation (Try before you buy)

In field testing and comparison

Dual Capacity setups

Lightweight options

Technique and operations

Edge management (the common trouble spot)

Documentation and training plans

Scenarios for stress testing the change

We believe based on experience and analysis of available data that some form of shared tension should be the default system design for most rope rescue situations.  However, there can be a few challenges and some situations where it may not be appropriate. This workshop is intended to inform those choices. There is both and art and science to system design, deployment, and operation.  Shared tension is a valuable tool when deployed properly and at the right time.  We can speed up the process and help you through the challenges, leaving your team stronger and more versatile.

The Crackerjack Group LLC designs all of our Rope Rescue and Certification Courses to NFPA standards and beyond. Course can be administered to meet or exceed NFPA, ITRA, or local standards or certification.  The Crackerjack Group LLC also partners with The Rigging Lab Academy to provide the world's most in depth and broad spectrum of online courses for rigging and the vertical world.

Available Levels:  NFPA - Awareness, Operations, Technician

                               ITRA - Responder, Technician, Advanced  (ITRA Syllabus)

                               Specialist Courses and Seminars 


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